• Gienius started as an authorised Apple centric support agency in 2000
  • It grew into a technical support company across all major brands by 2002
  • It currently has 4 locations:
    • Rivonia Junction,
    • Nicolway Shopping Centre,
    • Hobart Grove Centre and;
    • the administration hub also in Hobart Grove Centre
  • Centres of excellence:
    • Rivonia Junction is dedicated to tablets and laptops / Macs etc
    • Hobart Grove retail is dedicated to smartphone repairs


  • In late 2017 Gienius was bought by Gordon Fraser Snr and his management team of many years comprising Ryan Hounsom and Son, Gordon Jnr.
  • The trio worked together since 2012 in GAPROC Media till its sale to the Sizwe IT Group in March 2016;
  • The balance of 2016 and 2017 were dedicated to the BUFFALO brand, a MTB initiative developed by Ryan and supported by Gordon Snr.
  • Ryan has over 10 years’ experience in running a multi store retail business at Executive level;
  • Gordon Snr was part of the early MTN team and spent 5 years with them developing and managing Service and IT systems;
  • Gordon Jnr has 7 years’ experience as a Marketing Executive.

The Future

  • 2018 onwards will see growth for the business at various strategic levels:
    • Owned store growth through increased retail kiosk presence in Malls
    • Partnership with aligned retailer/s
    • Corporate Repair Services
    • Franchise opportunities

Gienius believes in the simple truth that quality work produces growth and success

Can’t find a local store? Why not inquire about opening a franchise in your area.

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